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what the mystic woman told us some nights ago…

Excuse me, excuse me, I'll speak to you now

20 June 2012, 07:44

HUB SUSTAINABILITY WEEK at Hub Kings Cross on 11-16th October


Grasse- the city of Perfume: holiday and learning destination summer 2011

BBC recommended recently visiting the scented city of Grasse. Rose, lavender and jasmine grow in abundance in the region and are used together with hundreds of other essences in the art of perfumery.

20 June 2012, 07:18

Food from the sky: organic seeds party Sat 13 Nov (1-4pm) - London

FREE SEEDS FOR YOU- Vegetables/Fruits  and Flower organically grown seeds to give away from 'food from the sky':

20 June 2012, 07:13