For some time now I have been puzzled by fashion. Why is it that one thing becomes in fashion in October and out of fashion in April? Why some things keep coming back? Why are trends and tendencies revisited? What is beautiful? Why some things are unanimously considered beautiful, therefore acceptable and fashionable, whilst others are not? Why do some things that do not really feel beautiful become fashionable? Is there an answer to all this?

A few months ago I started walking in Hyde Park on an everyday basis as a solution to my needs for solitude, calm and connection to nature. Whilst this was lasting, I started considering the concept of 'natural femininity'. What does it mean to be a woman and be close to nature, and how can this manifest in a woman's ways of dressing, styling and living? Is there a truth to living one's natural femininity that goes beyond commercialised trends of 'green', 'ethical' and 'organic' living/products?

I have come to some intermediary conclusions and these are rather tentative, for they are subjective and not rigorously researched. These ideas have not been found in written texts and are entirely mine. Nonetheless, I believe they might be able to help guide my person worldview (and hopefully that of others) regarding what 'natural femininity' can be.

I will share some of them with you:

I feel that 'Natural' is what resonates with one's integrity on a number of levels (which I will list below) and is therefore highly subjective. The elements that will be listed will be proposed as a few key elemental connections, which in subjectively accepted proportions can potentially enhance harmony and con-sonance (rather than dis-sonance) in the female nature. To make these elemental connections, one is , I believe, required to live free from chemical and substance abuse, follow a general path of healthy eating and living and maintain a finetuning with one's female biorythms.

These elemental connections are:

1) Natural seasonal colours- as they are to be found in the natural environments of forests, parks, mountains, the sea, the seaside and the likes

2) The phases of the moon (which eventually coincide with monthly onset of female periods)- full, waning, waxing, thin

3) Natural light rhythms, including the absence of light (the closer that this can be described to are 'Circadian rhythms')- Dawn, high morning, mid morning, noontime, early afternoon, late afternoon, early evening, late evening, early night, late night, deep night, early dawn.

4) Stones and minerals and their properties

5) Moods and emotional states- some basic ones are:

fearful, needy, hesitant, stressed, depressed and their opposites, including loving/receiving, loving/giving, full/fulfilled, open, exhuberant/ecstatic

6) Perfume tonalities such as -spicy, warm, floral, herbal, oceanic, sunny, flesh-like, ground-like

7) Oils and essences, flowers and herbs with their respective properties

and finally 8-  'Totem animals spirits' allocated to each individual by Native indian philosophy or other spiritual system

I am also proposing that a hightened degree of attending to these connections creates a sensitivity of sensuality which can induce a Divinity of the senses. Everything we need in terms of beauty is around us in nature, and is reflected to us in our interactions with nature.

What will follow in the blog is a series of photographs and scetches that highlight the above position and can hopefully make it into a coherent philosophy of styling.

Lady Naturella, February 2008

20 June 2012, 07:31