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Nature as Lifestyle
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Shirley Mac Laine’s website- Shirley’s world

After watching the beautiful and funny movie 'Artists and models' (1955), I did a websearch on Shirley MacLaine and found her website which features several interesting products and a community. Shirley's motto is: 'Life is a bowl of cherries, never mind the pits'.

20 June 2012, 07:43

Philosophy of herbalism

Culpeper attempted to make medical treatments more accessible to laypersons by educating them about maintaining their health. Ultimately his ambition was to reform the system of medicine by questioning traditional methods and knowledge and exploring new solutions for ill health. The systematisation of the use of herbals by Culpeper was a key development in the evolution of modern pharmaceuticals, most of which originally had herbal origins.[3]

20 June 2012, 07:38

Egyptian Queen perfume

We already know how to walk like an Egyptian, and soon we'll know how to smell like one, too.

20 June 2012, 07:01

Eco-homes in the UK

Eco-homes are not just for the wealthy and David Cameron. They are becoming more affordable and, even better, their low running costs save money. Before the credit crunch, homes with good environmental ratings carried a premium. But as more eco-homes have come on the market, so competition has driven prices down.

20 June 2012, 06:51

A favourite pastime for warm summer nights

None other than connecting with the flower fairies!

20 June 2012, 06:32