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Seasonal colour palettes-natures teaches us

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05 September 2012, 08:50

Wonderful face toner- recipe from Turkey

My good friend recently advised me  how to enhance the benefits of rosewater as a face toner: just add some dried rosemary in it. It is refreshing and cleansing! I loved it!

20 June 2012, 07:45

what the mystic woman told us some nights ago…

Excuse me, excuse me, I'll speak to you now

20 June 2012, 07:44

Shirley Mac Laine’s website- Shirley’s world

After watching the beautiful and funny movie 'Artists and models' (1955), I did a websearch on Shirley MacLaine and found her website which features several interesting products and a community. Shirley's motto is: 'Life is a bowl of cherries, never mind the pits'.

20 June 2012, 07:43



20 June 2012, 07:41

Recommended book: Woman as a healer

A fascinating account over the centuries, of women  in their role as healers, by Jeanne Achtenberg, (Woman as a healer: a panoramic survey of the healing activities of women from prehistoric times to the present; Shambala books, 1991).

20 June 2012, 07:38

Philosophy of herbalism

Culpeper attempted to make medical treatments more accessible to laypersons by educating them about maintaining their health. Ultimately his ambition was to reform the system of medicine by questioning traditional methods and knowledge and exploring new solutions for ill health. The systematisation of the use of herbals by Culpeper was a key development in the evolution of modern pharmaceuticals, most of which originally had herbal origins.[3]

20 June 2012, 07:38

Nutrition advice for women

Invaluable nutrition advice by Aimee Raupp:  Chill Out and Get Healthy: Live Clean to Be Strong and Stay Sexy , NAL trade  (2009)

20 June 2012, 07:36


Beautiful article about Goddess Selene and the element Selinium, focusing on its uses in medicine and benefits for the human body

20 June 2012, 07:35


For some time now I have been puzzled by fashion. Why is it that one thing becomes in fashion in October and out of fashion in April? Why some things keep coming back? Why are trends and tendencies revisited? What is beautiful? Why some things are unanimously considered beautiful, therefore acceptable and fashionable, whilst others are not? Why do some things that do not really feel beautiful become fashionable? Is there an answer to all this?

20 June 2012, 07:31