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About us


Founded in 2008, Ladynaturella is an initiative, website and brand which is based on the concept of natural femininity. Beyond commercialized trends of “green”, “ethical” and “organic”, natural femininity can manifest in several ways in a woman’s way of dressing, styling and living. Natural is what resonates with one’s integrity on a number of levels and is therefore highly subjective. We believe that there are a few key elements that when combined with a healthy living, can potentially enhance harmony in the female nature. Natural seasonal colours, the phases of the moon, natural rhythms of light, the beneficial influence of stones and minerals, perfume tonalities, oils and essences, flowers and herbs, and totem animal spirits highlight to us that all we need in terms of beauty is around us in nature. This beauty is reflected to us in our interactions with nature, and can express itself in terms of our choices of styling and living.