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Welcome to Lady Naturella

Ladynaturella is a brand dedicated to the philosophy of natural femininity. Ladynaturella aims to help women express themselves through nature, in terms of their choices of styling and living.

Ladynaturella produces and promotes products that are based on the concept of natural femininity: perfumes, and clothes that combine fabrics with semi-precious stones, are the two 'statement' product lines by Ladynaturella. Ladynaturella also engages in different partnerships and affiliate schemes in order to serve specialised market segments.

Additionally, Ladynaturella is an initiative of educational character, aiming to educate its audience about the concept of natural femininity.

Ladynaturella brand mission:
a) To highlight the importance of the relationship of women to nature, via the promotion of the philosophy of natural femininity
b) To produce and promote products that are based on the philosophy of natural femininity
c) To make a unique contribution in terms of how the concept of natural femininity can help shape a coherent philosophy of styling and living

This is how it all started................
The creator of Ladynaturella had been puzzled by fashion for some time before conceiving the brand, and had been asking herself questions, such as... why is it, for example, that one thing went 'in fashion' in October and 'out of fashion' in April? Why some fashion trends keep coming back? Why are tendencies revisited? Why are some fashion products considered beautiful, -therefore acceptable and fashionable-, whilst others are not? Why do some creations that do not really look beautiful become fashionable?
Questions such as the above led the creator of Ladynaturella to research the relation between women and nature in order to gain a deeper understanding of what can be considered as 'naturally feminine'.

As 'Naturally Feminine' can be classified all that resonates with one's integrity on a number of levels- both of the matter as well as of the spirit, and is therefore highly subjective; beyond commercialized trends of “green”, “ethical” and “organic”, natural femininity can manifest in several ways in a woman’s way of dressing, styling and living. We believe that there are a few key elements that when combined with a healthy living, can potentially enhance harmony in the female nature. Natural seasonal colours, the phases of the moon, natural rhythms of light, the beneficial influence of stones and minerals, perfume tonalities, oils and essences, flowers and herbs, and totem animal spirits highlight to us that all we need in terms of beauty is around us in nature. This beauty is reflected to us in our interactions with nature, and can express itself in terms of our choices of styling and living.

Seasonality, on the other hand, is the pace and rhythm of the universe. One can hear, see and feel this rhythm through the changing frequencies of nature during each month of the year, the changing light intensity, the sequence of night and day, the colours, the smells, the air, the frequency of the earth and the waves of the sea. Such elements of nature can dictate the pace of seasonality which women follow, naturally.

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